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Romarong The Pink Deeps Lidded Portfolio Box

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We revisit our signature print Romarong in this new paper collection. Romarong II Paper is composed of Lidded Portfolio Boxes, Tissue Box Covers and Letter Trays. The perfect mix of function and beauty in desk accessories. 

The lozenge patterns of the Romarong collection recall the geometric patterns seen throughout West African historical and contemporary design. From local architecture, to beaded chairs, to woven baskets, metal gates, artefacts and craft items to name a few.

The Lidded Portfolio Box has a brass card frame at the front and fits A4 papers and objects.

Available in four colours ranging from the pastel soft tones of Krio The Pink Pales, Kai The Pink Deeps, Loko Green to the vivid Azure of Vai Blue.

Details, composition and size

Size - A4. Paper backed board with acid free paper. Fitted with brass card frame.

Handmade in the UK.

Internal dimensions - 320 x 230 x 80 mm

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