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Crafting Dar Leone

Drawing inspiration from her childhood in Freetown, Sierra Leone and her global travels, Isatu Funna infused her memories and heritage into Dar Leone. Our collections are made in the UK and pay homage to vibrant cultural traditions and nature’s endless beauty.

Dar Leone Ronko Hibiscus Cushions in Lemon and Lilac



Explore our range of handmade cushions featuring eclectic prints inspired by the natural beauty and traditional woven textiles of Sierra Leone. We place attention to detail and high quality at the forefront of our design process. Each handcrafted cushion is made in London using our intricate geometric patterns and bold, eye-catching florals printed here in the UK on luxurious Killary Linen. Transform your living space by adding a touch of creative energy to your interiors.



Our handmade lampshades are the perfect match for our cushions. Using our unique in-house printed textiles, from our Didi and Ronko Hibiscus florals to our range of West African-inspired geometric designs. We chose to elevate our lampshade designs with complementary contrasting trim, thoughtfully selected to create a cohesive yet eye-catching look. Crafted right here in the UK so we can support local manufacturers. 


Kpokpo Cushions and Country Cloth

It was always Isatu's dream to incorporate the Sierra Leonean Kpokpo, or Country Cloth, into her designs. Our new range of Kpokpo cushions is made with our fabrics and features the traditional woven cloth sourced from the renowned weavers of Sierra Leone.

We work closely with local artisans to ensure that our Kpokpo fabrics are ethically and sustainably sourced and that every cushion is imbued with the care and attention to detail characterising Dar Leone. With deep roots and cultural significance, each cushion is steeped in history and craftsmanship, highlighting the beauty of the classical stripe and geometric woven patterns.


Dar Leone Jewellery

Handcrafted with the utmost care in the heart of London, we created an original jewellery collection of truly unique necklaces and bracelets. We wanted our collection to be comprised of striking pieces using a mix of recycled glass beads sourced from Ghana, demi precious stones and African brass and wooden beads. With a stunning range of vibrant hues to earthy tones and vivid, colourful combinations, our pieces will add a pop of personality to any outfit, each telling a story of its own.


Dar Leone Furniture

The Dar Leone furniture collection will take you on a journey inside the rich world of artisanal African design. Be transported across the African continent through intricately woven Malawian baskets, distinctive beaded Nigerian chairs and Cameroonian stools, and colourful deck chairs and benches from Senegal. Illustrating the vibrancy and beauty of a range of African cultures, our artisan furniture collection gives you a glimpse into the diversity of African craftsmanship.