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What is a Fouta Towel?

Posted: Aug 13 2019

A Fouta Towel is a wonderful addition to any home (or suitcase). It is known by many other names such as a Hammam Towel, Peshtemal Towel or a Turkish towel, But if you’ve never owned one before you may wonder where they come from, how they’re made, what makes them unique and what are they used for? Join us as we explore everything you need to know about these beautiful towels…

The origins of the Fouta Towel

Despite being well known as Turkish towels, these distinctive and beautiful towels have their roots in Tunisia, but they eventually became popular throughout the Middle East, eventually making their way via Turkey to other Mediterranean countries in Europe. Today, their distinctive appearance and versatility have made them popular all over the world.

What are Fouta Towels made from?

Fouta Towels are made from high-quality cotton that has extra-long fibres. This means fewer joins in the weave of the fabric making for an overall softer and gentler feel. 

What makes a Fouta Towel unique?

Aside from the extra-long fibres, there are many things that make a Fouta Towel unique. For example, there’s the distinctive weave which is made from tightly woven cotton on one side and plush cotton terry on the other. Then, of course, there are the distinctive traditional designs and the soft and light quality which makes it so versatile.

Uses for Fouta Towels

Speaking of versatility, the Fouta Towel has always been a versatile item. They were used to protect women’s modesty in Syrian bath-houses while Saudi man would use them as a loincloth. A Fouta Towel functions perfectly well as a beach towel, a bath towel or as a light throw on your sofa. 

Plainly speaking, you need a Fouta Towel in your life right now!

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