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People of the Sun arrives at Dar Leone

February 04, 2020

People of the Sun arrives at Dar Leone

We are thrilled to welcome a new design company to Dar Leone.  Stunning trays, baskets and mirrors from a collaboration between Malawi based People of the Sun and leading Dutch designer, Ineke Hans, combine to create contemporary classics that celebrate African craftsmanship.

The baskets are beautiful as well as functional and work well as storage or laundry baskets with a tray lid. These simple and natural woven pieces are refined with playful patterns and colour. A modern interior would be instantly elevated by punctuating it with these charming woven pieces.



For those who prefer a more minimalist look, you can create visual interest by adding texture instead of pattern. Beautifully woven circular mirrors from People of the Sun are ideal. This Malawi Collection mirror is the result of a collaboration between People of the Sun and Tiyanjane Club - an artisan weaving club from Malawi. The mirrors in this collection are hand woven with a rich sense of tradition, using local cane and bamboo, reflecting Malawi's cultural heritage with a modern twist. The combination of classic, rustic techniques with modern elegance is timeless. 


Not to mention the fact that each purchase supports the work of People of the Sun, reviving the indigenous artisan weaving clubs of Malawi.


Photo credit: People of the Sun