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Tayo Gold Necklace

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A necklace designed and hand made in Nepal by Kaligarh.

An important piece of ceremonial jewellery for the Newar community of the Kathmandu Valley, the Tayo is also the primary ornament of a Newar bride during her wedding. It is especially sacred as it is worn by images of deities and the Living Goddess, Kumari. Some say that the different faces are represent the different areas of the Kathmandu Valley.

Traditionally, the Tayo is made of high-karat gold or of gilded copper. It is usually combined with a special linked chain similar to the Sikri Chain. In most classical versions, five, nine or thirteen naag(serpents) stand above the long pendant. These serpents are revered in Kathmandu as guardians of water.


Gold plated with an antique finish
18" length

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