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Lali Crab Red Hexagonal Brush Pot


The Lali collection is a happy marriage of our interest in Akan and Ashanti woven, filigree gold patterns and also oft seen geometric patterns in historical Sierra Leonean architecture and design. The beaded edging on the lozenge pattern is a common feature of filigree gold in West Africa from a wide range of tribes from the Fullahs of Guinea to the Baule of the Ivory Coast. 

The Lali collection is available in Hexagonal Pen Pots, A5 Letter Trays, Portfolio Boxes and Tissue Box Covers and make perfect desk and home accessories.

 Available in four colors: Limes, Blues, Crab Red and Violette


 Paper Backed Board, Size: 64 x 64 x 55mm internal dimensions


 Hand made in the UK

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