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  • Romarong Susu Orange Mug
  • Romarong Susu Orange Mug

Romarong Susu Orange Mug


Temne Green
Susu Orange
Limba Yellow

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Romarong is our latest exploration in fine bone china and a tribute to Sierra Leone.

The lozenge patterns of the Romarong collection recall the geometric patterns seen throughout West African historical and contemporary design. From local architecture, to beaded chairs, to woven baskets, metal gates, artifacts and craft items, body painting, tattoos and textiles; to name a few mediums.

The patterns (whether lozenges, diamonds, zig zags or chevrons) usually held a meaning which was well understood in tribal oral histories now lost to time. For example, in some African societies, parallel zigzag lines would remind the viewer to "obey the path of the ancestors" and was used to represent  the fact that life is not straightforward.

We named our collection Romarong as our founder is from Sierra Leone and this was the original name of it's capital city Freetown. Romarong meant "Land of Tears." It was so named by locals across the Sierra Leone River long before the arrival of Europeans as many perished crossing the Sierra Leone River to get to Romarong.

Available in four colors: Mende Blue, Susu Orange, Limba Yellow and Temne Green.

Fine Bone English China.

Hand painted gold handle. 

Made in Stoke on Trent.

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