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Try A Hammam Towel For Your Next Beach Holiday

Posted: Sep 24 2019

There are a plethora of reasons that you should be investing in Hammam beach towels for your next sandy jaunt, but the first and most important one is the fact that they are so much more than just towels!

When you head to the beach for the day, you don’t want to pack a large case full of stuff - it’s just bulky, and it makes it harder to find what you need. The Hammam beach towel is so compact that they can be tucked away in a beach tote with plenty of room to spare.

Given that these are beach towels made with 100% cotton, flat-woven fabric, you’re getting something far more eco-friendly than other towels for the beach. They air-dry in minutes, which means that you don’t have to put them through a machine for them to be beach ready again. Their lightweight qualities also make them the perfect towel to travel with if you need to lessen the weight in the car. Not only does this make you cool, but kind, too - nice!

When you’re on the beach, and the walk back to the car is a chilly one, use your Hammam beach towel! It isn’t the same thickness or style as a regular towel, so you can wrap it around you like a sarong. Is hair all wet from the sea? No problem; the Hammam towel can be thrown up into a trendy hair turban.

Hammam towels are clearly the right choice for your next beach visit - what are you waiting for?

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