The Gardens of Eden

Posted: Jan 07 2013

January 7, 2013

We had a lovely visit over the holidays to the Eden Project in Cornwall. Comprised of two large biomes or greenhouses, the Eden Project  is an environmental charity in St. Austell, Cornwall housing plants of every variety from tropical and mediterranean climates which would otherwise not grow on UK soil. 

It was absolutely fascinating to see the recreation of a West African cocoa farm, the bananas, palm trees of every type and the flowers which I had forgotten all about. Also faithfully recreated, on a very small scale, are the jungles of South America and arid deserts of North America.

My particular favorite was the perfume garden in the Mediterranean biome. Never having questioned where perfume oils come, the plantings of patchouli, bergamot and rose were a revelation. The vines, olive trees and the herb garden filled with heretofore unknown varieties. 

I highly recommend a visit and now I may even plant a few perfume plants at home just to recreate the scents that floated on the air in Eden.


Dar Leone

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